Three Woodpecker House – from Coveside


Woodpeckers are interesting birds to watch as they go about their business – removing damaging insects from your trees and, sometimes, buildings. Offer shelter to red-headed, hairy, or red-bellied woodpeckers with the Three Woodpecker House – from Coveside Conservation Products.

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Woodpeckers prefer excavating their own cavities and nesting in decaying wood chips. To simulate a rotting tree and attract more birds to this man-made structure, this house comes with a bag of wood shavings to help simulate a rotting tree and attract more birds to this man-made structure. A slate entrance guard encases the opening, deterring squirrels and preventing woodpeckers from boring out the hole and making themselves vulnerable to predators. For proper ventilation and sanitation, the house has a sloping roof, drainage holes, and air slots. A latched side panel allows easy observation and seasonal clean outs. Mount this house high up in a tree or on a post to provide a roosting or nesting space for three beautiful woodpeckers.

Opening: 2.25″ dia.
Dimensions: 9.25″L x 7″W x 19.5″H
Mounting: post or wall mount
Construction: white pine
Brand: Coveside Conservation

MSRP:  $54.99

Made in the USA.

This is a top seller

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Weight 7 lbs


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