Smithsonian Field Guide To The Birds of N. America


Enjoy birding like never before. A complete guide to birds with superb color photography, up-to-date and detailed range maps, clear and concise text, and a DVD of birdsongs.

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This new field guide provides an aid in the identification of more than 750 species of birds across North America. Color photographs of birds in natural habitats show the most important field marks. Along with this are regional population differences, life stages, and behaviors.

  • Color range maps show summer, migration, winter, year-round, and rare but regular occurrences of every major species
  • DVD of birdsongs for 138 major species (587 vocalizations for 5½ hours of play); each high-quality MP3 file is embedded with an image of the bird.
  • Descriptions of habits and ecology, age-related and seasonal differences, regional forms, vocalization, and informative captions pointing out the most important aspects of the bird
  • 46 group essays with information outlining taxonomy, feeding, migration, habitats, behaviors, and conservation status
  • A thorough introduction to birds and birding includes sections on parts of a bird, plumage and molt, food and feeding, migration, habitats, conservation, as well as tips on bow to become a better birder.
  • A detailed glossary of terms, species checklist, and quick index

Item #: GC-HC0061120404
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