Pair of Steel Herons


Beautiful pair of herons to decorate your garden

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Everyone loves to watch graceful herons. This pair of steel Ancient Graffiti Herons, with one bowing and one with a stretched neck, will look right at home in any yard or garden. The herons are sprayed with a powder coated finish. If displayed outdoors, it is suggested that a coating of polyurethane be reapplied from time to time. They are particularly appropriate for a natural setting with pond. If this is your backyard, do you have a problem with Great Blue Herons eating the fish in your pond? Not only is this pair decorative in natural back yard settings, but they will help protect your fish. Blue Herons tend not to invade other heron’s feeding area, so they will usually fly on by. You do need to move them around periodically, though, to make them appear more alive.

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