Heath Bluebird Houses, 10 Cedar, Ideal for Bluebird Trail


Whether you intend to create a Bluebird Trail, scatter some Bluebird Houses around your home, or share them with friends, you will not find a more robust bird house than these Heath Bluebird Houses. Made of Cedar wood, they can be expected to be in use for many years. With no decorative features it is also among the least expensive bird box you will find, and as it weathers it will blend well into the landscape.

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Do you live in an open area? Have you been considering a Bluebird Trail? Go for it this spring and enjoy their sweet song this summer! They particularly like open areas with lawns or meadows where the grass is kept short. If there are scattered perches, artificial or tree branches, for them, so much the better. It gives them a place from which they can scan the surrounding area for insects. Bluebirds are cavity nesters, and cavity trees are usually now removed for safety. Our Health Cedar houses are specifically designed to meet Bluebird requirements. They are also perfect for your Bluebird Trail. The houses are simple and inexpensive, but made of cedar, so will be in service for many years with minimal care required. For convenience, we have packaged ten houses together for your Trail.

The sloping roofs of these nest boxes extend over the entrance to keep water from entering the next. If water does get in, drain holes in the bottom allow it to pass on through, keeping the nest dry. The 1.5 inch entrance hole is the perfect size for Bluebirds while excluding larger birds, such as Starlings. Bluebirds nest at the bottom of cavities, so internal walls are roughened to make it easier for nestlings to climb to the entrance hole. A slot under the roof overhang provides ventilation, helping to regulate temperature. The front is readily opened for checking the nests and for house cleaning. Cedar wood contains oils which repel both water and insects, meaning these next boxes will be usable for many years. The house can be readily mounted to post or pole with a screw. Made in the USA.

We can also provide mounting poles if desired, but posts or poles from your local lumber yard are very sufficient, and much less expensive. 

Item #: BN-HMC-B-2-CP10
UPC #: 085199037006


  • Ten Bluebird houses are included in this pack
  • Constructed of weather resistant cedar wood
  • Readily mounted on pole or post
  • 1.5 inch diameter entrance hole
  • Made in the USA


  • 5.375 inches deep
  • 5.5 inches wide
  • 8.75 inches high
  • 23 pound shipping weight

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Weight 23 lbs


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