Ellipse Blue Birdhouse


There are many cavity nesting bird, but by keeping our surroundings safe and free of dead trees, we deny them nesting opportunities. Birds such as Blue Birds are particularly affected – offer them this beautiful ceramic blue birdhouse to match their color scheme. Other birds may compete for the nest, so you might want to purchase more than one.

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The unique shape of the home displays the mastery of the artists who hand craft each individual piece. Further treated with a high-quality polyurethane multi-coat finish to ensure longevity of the wood in the elements. The homes also come with pre-drilled drainage holes, removable hatch for cleaning, and hardware. The Ellipse is sure to be a wonderful addition to your backyard birding haven. Entrance hole dimensions are 1 1/8 inch, perfect for small cavity nesters.

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Weight 3 lbs


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