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It is sad to watch a Bluebird attempting to protect a nest from Sparrow invasion. The Sparrows do not fight, they simply fly away only to return as soon a the Bluebird departs on some quest. Why not provide your Bluebirds with a house that does not attract Sparrows.

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A blue flash floats across the lawn. A sweet, low song bubbles from the blue flash. Beautiful Bluebirds are loved by everyone, and their sweet song early in the morning can happily awaken us at dawn. Everyone with an open lawn wants to put up at least one Bluebird house. Now a beautiful bird once being threatened due to removal of old, cavitied trees, their preferred nesting location, can be seen on lawns all over the United States. More and more nest boxes are needed for these numbers. Other birds also like the Bluebird houses, the most bothersome being sparrows. Some research at the University of Kentucky has uncovered a weakness in the sparrows which can be used to reduce their competition. They like the round entry holes, but do not like slot entrys. Bluebirds, however, are not detered by slot entries. In addition, sparrows like a deep nest, whereas Bluebirds are not bothered by a shallow nest. Accordingly, Coveside has produced a nest box which is readily used by Bluebirds, but are avoided by sparrows. The entry hole for this nest box is a 4 inch long and 1.25 inch high slot at the top. In addition a 1.5 inch wooden block is placed inside the home, decreasing the room for a deep nest. The house is protected by an overhanging roof.

Open corners at the side tops, and protected by the roof, provide ventilation, helping internal temperature regulation. A small gap at the floor corners allows exit of any water getting into the house. The front panel is easily lifted to check the nest, and adjust the height if a sparrow nest is found. A metal latch keeps the home securely closed, and the rough interior of the item helps nestlings grip it and climb out. Construction is from 3/4 inch thick Eastern White Pine for long-time use. It will age beautifully, readily fitting into the landscape. The house should be mounted on an isolated pole or post between 3 and 6 feet off the ground, the height preferred by Bluebirds. Close to 6 feet is best to reduce predation from the ground. Above all, this Sparrow-Resistant Eastern Bluebird House will keep sparrows away from your Bluebirds. Made in the USA.

Item #: BN-COV-10044
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  • Eastern White Pine construction
  • Pole or post mounting


  • Entry slot 4 inch long and 1.25 inches 
  • House is 8.5 inches deep, 5.75 inches wide, and 10 inches high
  • 4 pound shipping weight

Install one or more of these Sparrow resistant Heath Bluebird Houses today and provide some Bluebirds with a home without needing to fight sparrows 

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