Children’s Bird Study Set


This fun kit includes everything you child needs to go bird watching. Kit includes illustrated full color instruction booklet, reference card, binoculars (magnification 4x 30), large tarpaulin cloth (200 x 90 cm) with leaf print to hide behind and peep holes to watch through, notepad, and pencil with eraser.

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All children enjoy the great outdoors and, with this bird study kit, there is something for every child’s imagination. This kit helps to keep imagination alive and enhance the scope of exploration our kids will experience. Kids will have fun and enjoy learning about our feathered friends with this bird study set This kit has everything they need to stake out and enjoy bird watching. The large leaf print tarpaulin cloth with viewing holes and stakes lets kids hide out and wait for the birds to gather. The illustrated instruction booklet and reference card helps them identify different bird species and the 4x 30 binoculars lets them get a closer look at their favorite birds, while recording their sightings on the included notepad. When finished with a day of bird watching, everything fits neatly into the carry case with latch, ready for the next adventure.

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