Cedar Bluebird Feeder, from Backyard Boys


Create a dining haven for Blue Birds, Titmice, and several other small bird species with this Backyard Boys Cedar Bluebird Feeder. The closed design of this bird feeder allows small birds to feed free of compition from larger birds.

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The wonderful design of this Backyard Boys Cedar Bluebird Feeder is great for bluebirds and titmice, while preventing larger birds from accessing the feed. Durable, rough cut cedar creates the top, base, and sides of this feeder, completed by two clear, plastic panels. The two cedar sides each have a 1.5″ diameter entry hole, enabling bluebirds to enter the chamber and dine. This reservoir easily holds 3 quarts of mealworms, mixed seed, cracked corn, or fruit, and the pitched top fully covers this compartment, protecting food from the elements. An Allen wrench is included to open the roof for refilling and cleaning the feeder, and hang this feeder from a branch with its attached fabric cord. The 0.75″ thick, cedar body is sure to remain robust for many seasons, and the item’s shape adds a classic hint to your yard. Provide certain birds a wonderful feeding spot with this Cedar Bluebird Feeder. Made in the USA.

Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, fruit, mealworms, mixed seed, peanut chunks, peanuts in shell, safflower seed, suet, sunflower kernels, sunflower seed, and thistle seed
Capacity: 3 qts., 4.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 15″L x 10″W x 10″H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: cedar, plastic
Brand: Backyard Boys Woodworking

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Weight 4.5 lbs


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