Bluebird 10″ SuperGourd, Round Hole, 1 1/2″ dia.


This Bluebird 10″ SuperGourd Offers Bluebirds a new type of home. This innovative home was designed and developed by ornithologist James R. Hill III, Founder and Executive Director of the Purple Martin Conservation Association.

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The SuperGourd is a one-piece plastic gourd with a molded-in, threaded access port, covered by a screw-on cap. The access port is large enough to admit a human hand that is holding a nestling or handful of nesting material. The access port’s high, 45-degree viewing angle allows easy viewing of nest contents.

The SuperGourd features a large, molded-in rain canopy that doubles as a perching platform. A series of molded-in corduroy-like ribs on top of the canopy and a textured pattern in the plastic permits birds to perch comfortably without slipping. This gourd does not swing much in the wind, and has no seams, preventing rain from leaking into it. Seven drainage holes on the bottom of the unit allow any water that blows in to exit quickly.

This home is molded in white opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic to reflect sunlight and keep interior temperatures down. It will not rot, peel, split, or crack out in the elements, and won’t break if accidentally dropped like natural gourds can. Hang this gourd from a wire using the existing 1/4″ holes for your bluebirds. Add a new type of home to your bluebird trail with this Bluebird 10″ SuperGourd.

Opening: 1.5″ dia.
Dimensions: 10″ dia. x 13.75″H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
Brand: Bird Abodes 

MRSP:  $37.99

Made in the USA.

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Weight 5 lbs


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