Aspects Finch Feeder – Nyjer seed, Quick-Clean, Large Size


This Nyjer Finch Feeder, with it’s maroon cap and base, will add a bit of color to you lawn, and a constant flow of Gold Finches will add to the visual impact.

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Attract finches and other clinging bird to your bird sanctuary by offering Nyjer seed in this classic tube feeder. An updated design adds style and convenience. It has a Maroon metal top and base, with a clear, UV stabilized, polycarbonate tube forming the generous reservoir. Ten seed ports allow up to ten birds to dine together. Metal perch with clear plastic covers installed under each port encourages birds to sit and dine longer. The feeder is 19 inches high with a 3.375-inch diameter. It holds 1.25 quarts (1.875 pounds) of thistle seed. On the bottom is a plastic seed baffle/diverter; this directs the thistle seed to the bottom two ports. The clear tube makes it easy to monitor feed levels. Simply squeezing two black plastic tabs allows quick and easy removal of an innovative ‘Quick-Clean’ base for cleaning and removing leftovers. A robust metal top and base offer strength to the feeder. A metal loop at the top allows it to be hung on a bracket or hook, or it can be pole mounted if desired. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee. The durable polycarbonate and metal construction means it will withstand the elements for many seasons — a truly lasting feeder. Made in the USA. Lifetime guarantee.

Item #: BNASP-447
UPC #:  026451124478


Birds that will use this feeder:

  • chickadees, finches, goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins 

Seed or Feed Options:

  • thistle seed 


1.25 quart (1.875 pound) Capacity

3.375″ diameter x 19″ high

May be hung or pole mounted

Plastic and metal construction

Lifetime guarantee



Provide this beautiful feeding station for your birds today
and enjoy watching them feed throughout the seasons

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Weight 3 lbs


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