Photographing Birds Provides Memories for a Lifetime

One of the enjoyable aspects of bird watching is the challenge of photography and collection of bird pictures. Almost every serious birder will also be taking pictures. Sometimes the birder may be experienced enough that sales of the pictures to support the birding efforts is possible. In most cases, however, the pictures are for personal enjoyment as well as to show friends. Today’s digital cameras are ideal for this use in the ability to quickly take a variety of pictures and immediately evaluate whether the desired view was achieved. Experts will usually be using an expensive DSLR, but recent developments have begun to provide the non-professional with a “point-and-shoot” camera with zoom capability to 600mm and beyond. Modern technological development allows cameras to be placed right in the nesting box, with direct connection to computers.
(We are not, however, able to carry a full line of camera equipment at this time. We therefore suggest that you contact Samy’s for your photo equipment needs.)

Get a birding camera today and enjoy your bird photos all year

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