When Hiking After Dark You Should Carry a Flashlight

If, for any reason, there is a possibility of being in the woods, or away from "safe areas" after dark you should always have a good flashlight with you. This is particularly (but not only) true for those looking for owls or other nocturnally active birds. Even if you are simply following a trail during the day there is a possibility of not being back to the trail head before dark. Accidents can happen, or you can become distracted and misjudge the time remaining before dark. Even the best trails can become hazardous after dark. While an inexpensive flashlight might be sufficient, they usually have a limited runtime. Fortunately, over recent years tactical flashlights have come onto the market. Some can be seen for miles, so in the case of accident they are more effective for SOS calls. For your own safety they throw a much brighter light and therefore provide a better view of hazards facing you, as well as what is around you. In case of attack they can blind the attacker.

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