If You Hike Trails While Birding You Need a Backpack

Backpacks are not normally utilized by bird watchers, but there are special circumstances in which a backpack is useful, or even necessary. For example, you could easily find locations requiring a hike of a mile or more to a shore-line birding location. If you are carrying a camera, tripod, and large telephoto lens, during a long hike in and again back to the car your equipment could become very heavy. The camera, lens, and tripod could be more conveniently carried on your back and shoulders instead of in your arms. Hiking into into a wilderness area is another situation requiring a good backpack. This is unlikely to be a every day scenario, but not unknown. An opportunity to see California Condors, for example, could require a multi-day hike into the High Sierras. There are many similar remote areas in the United States and around the world, and not all long hikes would involve mountain climbing.

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