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Birdwatching is the most common recreational activity in the world, and the goal of BirdingNest.com is to provide birders with a one-stop store, meeting all their needs.

Whether watching traffic around a bird feeder, watching bluebirds encouraging their young to leave the nest box, or hiking a mountain to find that life bird, birdwatching is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities in which one can engage. A primary attraction of birding is that it is available to everyone. Young children enjoy watching the birds in their backyard, and they can be encouraged by little more than a children’s book of birds to which they can compare the birds they see. An elderly person’s day can pass quickly and enjoyable sitting in a recliner with nothing more than a pair of binoculars to watch the birds. At the other end of the scale, serious birders get the same enjoyment by seeing their thousandth Life Bird after a half day hike into mountains or rain forest. Most importantly, birding can be enjoyed by all, whether an amateur with nothing more than a field guide and monocular, or serious birder carrying spotting scope and Nikon DSLR camera with telephoto lens.

Whether you are a backyard, amateur, or professional birdwatcher, whether you need inexpensive or topline binoculars or camera, whether you only need a good hiking kit, backpack, outdoor clothing, or a new field guide, come to BirdNest.com – we have what you need.

Birds make nests their home – make BirdingNest.com your home for all your bird watching needs.